AI goes one step further

Samuel Dorven

31 juillet, 2023

AI goes one step further

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❤️ New at SmartMyData

We've developed a module that makes it very easy to create forms directly from a PDF. Once the document has been configured, you can send a link to the people concerned so that they can fill it in directly online. Once completed, the document is automatically saved in your document space on the platform.

We already had an HTML form generator. But this module is useful for transferring complex pdf forms (see image below). The big advantage is that it's not limited to a simple form; you can combine it with direct mail. Some fields can be automatically filled in from a file or database, and you only need to ask the person to fill in what concerns them directly.

It's also possible to request an electronic signature on the document.

You'd like to have a dashboard of the completion status, and potentially send out reminders. That's possible too :)

And of course, all form responses can be saved directly to the database, which is far from easy when saved directly to a pdf.

🤖 Functions can now be used with OpenAI

Open AI has recently updated its API for ChatGPT, Whisper and Dall-E, enabling the use of functions.

With this feature you can describe functions to the GPT-3.5 Turbo model (version 0613) and to the GPT-4 model (version 0613) to enable the model to intelligently generate a JSON object containing the arguments needed to call these functions. Instead of calling the function directly via the Chat Completions API, the template will produce JSON which you can then use in your code to execute the function.

No Code Station gives a fairly concrete example of what is now possible with this API:

"Let's say you have an API that allows you to find all your users who are in your CRM.
Let's imagine that the API is organized like this:

name: string // nom du client
spend: int // dépense du client
date: date // date pour filtrer
limit: int // nombre de personnes pour filtrer

However, you don't want to make an API call directly, but rather use a chatbot that's asked "What are the 3 best customers of this past month?"
If you want chatGPT to be able to make an API call above, you need to convert the question into a JSON output. And then use this output to make the call!

Namely, chatCompletion doesn't make the call directly, but it's able to "intelligently" know when there's a need or not to have a JSON output.
And frankly, that's a lot of fun, because it gives us lots of use cases for tools on Make or n8n.

We can, for example, imagine having a form / chatbot as input, openAI retrieving this input and outputting a JSON (as text) and then being able to make an API call with this dynamic data to then send an email / Slack..."

Open AI now supports
Open AI : Function calling

🔎Observability", the new ncScale feature, is a new development in the no-code sector.

ncScale launches its new "Observability" feature 🔎

What is ncScale? 🤔

It's a French company specializing in No Code. Founded by Benoit de MONTECLER and Kevin JANIKYTheir aim is to make the No Code programming process more reliable, secure and scalable.

Before launching the "Observability" feature, the tool already had a number of essential functionalities that enabled it to track bugs and errors, manage tickets and alerts, as well as monitor user activity and the use of various features.

Now, with the "Observability" feature, ncScale gives you the possibility 👇
  • Visibility into the No code stack
  • Map dependencies
  • Create and track documentation
  • Manage version history
  • Generate usage reports and logs

"This new tool has been developed to help non-coders who are striving to push the limits of code-free tools." And to offer them a monitoring tool that greatly facilitates maintenance!

Push no-code boundaries with ncScale brand new Observability feature!
Publication by Stéphane Menet
Publication by Benoit de Montecler

🖥️ Build a website in less than a minute thanks to no-code and AI!

We end this newsletter with a demo from Jared Bonilla using the Framer tool, which shows us that it's possible to build a website in a matter of seconds.

Publication by Jared Bonilla