Le champ des SIREN

Samuel Dorven

27 avril, 2022

Le champ des SIREN

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📰 The siren function on the SmartMyData platform

Do you need to quickly retrieve information on one or more companies ? The siren function on the SmartMyData platform enables you to retrieve all known data on a company via its Siren number, using the data.gouv.fr API.

The API returns no less than a hundred pieces of information, including contact details, headcount range, geolocation...

It can be used for a wide range of purposes, the most frequent being to complete or check information before integrating it into a database.
Another use case could be in sales: you push your customer database, retrieve the information and, via a Datavisualization application, immediately see where your customers are, what type of structures they have, average headcount, etc...

❤️ How to automate catalog creation?

Here's an article by Stéphane Vauxion on how to automate data upstream of catalog creation. In fact, it's not uncommon to have a considerable lack of data when creating a catalog. The preliminary consolidation work can quickly become tedious when thousands of references need to be managed.

An Easycatalog specialist, Stéphane uses the example of a paper catalog, but the approach can be exactly the same for a website.

Automatiser en amont de la création d'un catalogue

The article : How to automate catalog creation ?

😊 Well-being at work

We all have this preconceived notion that if we work hard, then we've worked well. True, but isn't there a better way (more efficient and less tiring) to work, using the right tools?

C’est ce que nous explique Thibault Louis dans son article "Bosser dur est indispensable pour réussir!" . 

Bosser dur est indispensable pour réussir !

📣 The offbeat anecdote

We carry out pre-deployment audits of RPA solutions, with the aim of identifying the main quick wins that the solution could bring.

The audit very often consists of a series of interviews, during which we listen carefully to employees describing precisely what their work involves. We then make a note of their personal workflow. People often take a past job to explain what the task involves.

During an audit for a company, out of 4 interviews and 4 documents opened as demos, 3 interviewees noted errors in their documents on rereading! This doesn't mean that 75% of the documents had errors, but it does mean that the percentage of errors was not anecdotal.

The conclusion is that you can't ask employees to perform complex, mind-numbing tasks, and expect them to be 100% focused on their mission. Software robots, on the other hand, do this very well :)