Use cases

Have your automation scenarios created on request

A presentation of use cases where Smart My Data solutions have been used recently. We create your automation scenarios on demand, whatever the input format, the source and the application in which you want to integrate your data once cleaned and normalized.

Our use cases

Management of training courses for chartered accountants

Automated follow-up of the Region's trainee accountants

We saved the chartered accountant a considerable amount of time by organizing all the tasks.

Optimizing financial flows

Automated invoicing of training courses.

We enable much faster processing, as well as simpler, more reliable exchanges between partners.


Building compliance report

Creation of a solution for extracting data from PDF documents for a medium-sized company specializing in report production.

Automatiser la collecte de contenu sur le web

Article content from a code

Web retrieval of product information to create item descriptions.


Feeding a database with web data

Web retrieval of information from multiple sites to create a database.

Building an argus

Creation of a handling equipment price list from web data

Web-based retrieval of material prices worldwide, grouped according to customer repository.

Service helpdesk

Creation of intervention pre-tickets via e-mail

Mail classification and data extraction to create pre-tickets.

Construction company

Accident notification

Extract data from Word documents, PDFs and images for spreadsheet output.

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