Working with or for AI?

Samuel Dorven

18 juillet, 2023

Working with or for AI?

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In this newsletter, we look at the influence of AI on the future evolution of professions and the skills to be acquired.

❤️ “AI won't replace doctors, but doctors who have Nabla will replace doctors who don't use it..."

The statement comes from Simon Dawalt, an investor in this technology, who explains how Copilot, an intelligent assistant specialized in medicine, saves doctors 40% time per consultation, enabling them to take better care of their patients.

It's a simple promise, and one that speaks well to us at SmartMyData, since it's one of the key messages of RPA: "You didn't study that long to spend your days typing on a keyboard". A problem common to many professions :)

This is a concrete and positive example of AI integration on both the pro and user sides.

Publication by Simon Dawlat

💡 Professions won't disappear, but they will reinvent themselves

Are communications jobs really in danger from AI? For Gaspard Gantzer, "the profession is not going to disappear, but rather reinvent itself. The spin doctor of the future will be the one who upgrades his or her own profession, who puts the human link back at its heart". Today's professions are confronted with a new technology, offering a wide range of possibilities for going ever further. Artificial intelligence is not here to replace us; on the contrary, it has been designed to make the most of our abilities and boost our company's skills.

Artificial intelligence will drive white-collar workers, including communicators, to reinvent themselves

🏛️ When the government encourages!

The government has implemented an action plan to support French SMEs and ETIs in their digital transition by integrating artificial intelligence solutions. The program, called IA Booster France 2030, managed by Bpifrance, primarily concerns companies with between 10 and 2,000 employees and sales of over €250,000.

IA Booster France 2030
Artificial intelligence for business

🎨 Marketoonist's thoughts, working with or for AI?

"AI may help you work. But it's more likely that you'll work for AI."

Ian Bogost made this observation a few months ago in The Atlantic, and it stuck with me. As organizations strive to integrate AI, no one knows exactly what impact AI will have on the future of work. Will productivity gains be offset by the "inevitable bureaucratization" of AI, as Ian Bogost put it?

Or will we get closer to the vision described by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang last week in a keynote speech at the National Taiwan University. Huang said that "2023 is the perfect year to graduate" and that graduates will be able to "leverage AI and achieve extraordinary things with a co-pilot AI by their side".

Huang went on to express a sentiment I've seen countless times in the months since ChatGPT's arrival:

"While some fear AI will take their jobs, someone who is an AI expert will."

Some of the biggest open questions about AI disruption concern the organizations of the future, the skills required and the impact on productivity. Even leaders aren't immune to the potential impact.

Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba, has predicted that in the future, "a robot will probably be on the cover of Time magazine as the best CEO".

Last August, a Hong Kong-based video game company with annual sales of $2.1 billion appointed an AI robot as CEO. Tang Yu, NetDragon Websoft's AI robot CEO, works 24/7 without a salary. NetDragon Websoft's share price is currently up 10%.

Sure, it's a gimmicky PR stunt, but McKinsey has estimated that at least 25% of a CEO's time is spent on tasks that AI could replicate, whether it's reviewing financial performance, sending emails or predicting trends.

I think organizations should consider how best to tackle the AI-induced productivity boom. There will be a difference between organizations with a growth mindset and those with a cost-cutting mindset.

Productivity through cost-cutting alone is often a race to the bottom." Marketoonist

LinkedIn publication from Marketoonist

"AI and productivity - Maybe AI will help you work. But more likely, you'll work for AI."

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