40 use cases for ChatGPT to develop your business

Samuel Dorven

21 juin, 2023

40 use cases for ChatGPT to develop your business

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📣 Annonce du nouveau site web

We reworked the design 🎨 and content ✏️ of our website to provide greater clarity on how the platform works. Our discourse has been made less technical and closer to the end user, with a focus on the full range of functionalities.

The new layout provides an overview of all the platform's essential functions. Enhanced functionalities now include the ability to easily create dashboards.

Use cases are presented differently, for example automation of the training billing process allows you to understand how each module of the platform is used and integrated into the workflow.

🤖 10 use cases for ChatGPT to develop your business activities

Using ChatGPT can benefit your business processes, whether for content creation, code generation or improving your customer service. We've selected 10 use cases for you (based on the article by Cem Dilmegani) from ChatGPT to help you in your business.

Text applications
1 - Conversational AI (chatbot)
ChatGPT lets you create intelligent chatbots that interact naturally with users. These chatbots can be used as personal virtual assistants, guaranteeing better customer service.

Coding application
2 - Code generator
You can generate code with ChatGPT. However, this is currently only valid for simple or repetitive tasks such as file input/output operations, data manipulation and database queries.

Marketing and SEO applications
3 - Customer-specific content generator
ChatGPT has the ability to generate personalized content according to the customer, taking into account their data (history, preferences, demographics).

4 - Writing product descriptions
ChatGPT can help you write product descriptions perfectly tailored to the interests and preferences of your target audience.

Customer service applications
5 - Multilingual customer support
ChatGPT can be trained on multiple languages and has the ability to translate messages from one language to another, facilitating communication between customers and companies, whatever the language used.

6 - Creating e-mails for customers
Using the customer data provided, ChatGPT can generate personalized e-mail templates per customer, taking into account the customer's data.

7 - Respond to customer feedback
In the same way as for personalized e-mail creation, ChatGPT can create responses taking into account the customer's concerns, and offer solutions or possible assistance.

8 - Respond to FAQs
ChatGPT is able to detect and respond to frequent customer queries via the FAQ page. When a customer asks a question, ChatGPT can analyze the message and provide a relevant answer that addresses the query, or direct the customer to additional resources that may be useful.

HR applications
9 - Creating job interview questions
AI can be used to generate job-relevant interview questions, enabling you to assess candidates' qualifications, skills and experience, and thus avoid wasting time on tedious tasks.

10 - Job description generation
ChatGPT allows you to generate precise job descriptions that accurately highlight the skills and qualifications required for a specific position.

Read the full article here.

Offbeat bonus Raphaël Richard presents a case where the IAG would enable you to become a physical product designer: "The IAG would not, therefore, only serve to fill Google results pages, customer emails or social networks with disembodied SEO content... 😁 It can help you boost your creativity in many other areas."

Le post est ici

Make ChatGPT work on your own data?

Microsoft's latest product, ChatGPT, will enable you to use it on your own data. Before you start using it, you'll need to think carefully about use cases and data security (see last paragraph).

Documentation is here

And  Generative AI made a post about it with a video.

💡 Integrating ChatGPT and other LMLs on the SmartMyData platform?

The use cases we're thinking of are pretty much the same as those listed in rows.com's great tutorial for using OpenAI on their platform:
  • data cleansing
  • data normalization and assistance with list creation and labeling
  • ability to synthesize documents
  • help in writing content from a raw dataset
  • etc.

The integration itself is not very complicated. We will quickly integrate a first version at the request of a customer, in an e-commerce automation scenario (creation of product description content from characteristics).

Quite quickly, we'd like to create a dedicated interface, capable of supporting interaction with a set of LMLs (large model language). Thanks to our integrated EDM, we can create a prompt library (instructions for obtaining a better result).

But first, we'd like to look into the possibility of setting safeguards for the exchange of data to be sent to these services. We find it astonishing that this aspect of data security is so little addressed by the vast majority of SAAS editors who have chosen to implement the OpenAI API.

Another aspect we'd like to take into account is the rationalization of API use, i.e. using it only when it's really useful (and not systematically for comfort).

A project we'll be launching in the autumn!

To conclude on the subject of LLMs, this excellent board from Marketoonist