Internal Tools: Helping you automate?

Samuel Dorven

07 novembre, 2022

Internal Tools: Helping you automate?

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Today, we've decided to focus the newsletter mainly on internal tools. Happy reading!

📰 What happened this week at SmartMyData

We have set up a messaging system on our platform, enabling our users to communicate instantly with each other and with SmartMyData support. In addition to this, we've added the ability to send notifications that are visible to all platform users.

🌎 What are Internal Tools?

Internal tools are internal software applications developed and used within an organization to manage all kinds of internal operations, such as inventory tracking, data management, internal collaboration, data export, dashboard tracking etc...

Internal tools offer a number of advantages that are essential to the successful development of an organization. We let you discover them in our article right here. 👇

The advantages of internal tools
Internal tools: How they help your company grow (definition, categories, solutions).

❤️ The advantages of SmartMyData's internal tool

The platform has evolved from an automation platform to an Internal Tool platform, with a focus on task automation.

SmartMyData came to the aid of the Groupement des concessionnaires Renault to automate the reimbursement of their training courses by the OPCO. The main objective of this mission was to enable much faster processing, as well as simplifying and increasing the reliability of exchanges between the partners.

Via the platform, each player benefits from a real dashboard and real-time statistics.


📣 The offbeat quote

We leave you this week with a quote from Sandro Munda, CEO at Forest Admin, explaining the notion of internal tools in a quirky way. 

"Internal tools are like the cockpit of an airplane or a car. It's both a place where you look at a dashboard to see how fast you're going, how much fuel you have left, what directions you need to follow AND a place where you take action to steer your vehicle by turning the wheel, adjusting the throttle, activating the wipers, etc." Sandro Munda