The advantages of internal tools

Samuel Dorven

25 octobre, 2022

The advantages of internal tools

Internal tools are software platforms that make it easy to develop applications to optimize business processes.

There are two types of development logic:

  • a platform that saves developers a considerable amount of time, as most basic functions are already hard-wired;
  • a more "No Code" oriented platform, enabling non-technical teams to develop a customized software solution.
Internal tools are made up of different modules, the main one being the ability to easily connect to a database and preview it. Another important feature is the management of user rights (i.e. who can view which part of the data).

Other modules are specific to each platform and the issues they have chosen to tackle. Some, for example, will focus on interactive map display, dashboard visualization or inventory tracking, as they are more geared to logistics professions.

On the Smartmydata platform, which falls into this Internal Tools category, the data preparation module remains its spearhead, the other being the creation studio, which enables automated tasks to be chained one after the other (e.g.: following receipt of a form, automatically send a personalized document via email).

You're probably wondering how you can benefit from internal tools. Here are the main advantages of implementing them in your organization.

Productivity improvement

Internal tools bring an invaluable level of efficiency to your organization, and can have a considerable impact on employee productivity. By automating repetitive tasks and providing employees with quick and easy access to the information they need, internal tools can help them work smarter. Your team will be more productive and focused on the company's core objectives.

Improved collaboration

Using the right tools can make it easier for your teams to communicate and collaborate on projects. By giving them the ability to easily share files, communicate via chat and keep up to date on projects, you create a more collaborative environment that helps everyone do their jobs more effectively.

Improved data security

Internal tools can provide enhanced data security. At SmartMyData, we have modules that are specific to the platform, such as a form creation module, a scraper module, etc. This enables companies to retain control of their data, without having to rely on external services. The solution can be installed at any hosting provider, including so-called sovereign cloud solutions.

Happier employees

Having internal tools at hand enables your employees to take immediate action, which makes them more engaged, easier to work with and happier. Big advantage: effective internal tools reduce search time. This often results in substantial time savings. Fewer interruptions mean less frustration!

To sum up

Although internal tools are still a little-known subject for most organizations, they deserve to emerge from the shadows.
They streamline long, repetitive processes, while making them more secure. They improve employee efficiency and job satisfaction by enabling them to create an application dedicated to their specific business issues.