Smart Collaboration

Samuel Dorven

10 juin, 2022

Smart Collaboration

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📰 SmartMyData news

The latest additions to the platform's customization and configuration options:

  • The ability to create as many environments as you like (for example, a pre-production environment to test your scenarios before going into production).
  • The option of configuring the platform to your colors, as shown in the video below.

These features have been added to the very precise allocation of user rights and views, as well as the ability to store encrypted security keys for access to online services (so you can call them up in scenarios).

❤️ Our favorite

Automation is playing an increasingly important role within companies. Indeed, since the pandemic, the introduction and use of digital tools has accelerated. But what do employees really think about this development within SMEs ? How do SME employees see the future of their jobs in the face of automation? These are the questions answered by Pierres-Yves Gerlat in a survey of 1,000 French people carried out by Software Advice.

Improving the payroll process with RPA

The image of the Human Resources department depends to a large extent on the proper management of employee payroll. RPA is one of the best ways to boost HR performance and avoid delays and errors. RPA can automate the calculation of remuneration and bonuses, as well as the processing and payment of expense claims. Find out more in this article 5 uses of RPA in payroll processes.

😊 Well-being at work

Well-being in the workplace brings high added value to a company, since it has a positive impact on the productivity, performance and loyalty of its employees. This impact results in a 31% increase in productivity compared to dissatisfied employees. Here are 4 points of improvement observed among happy employees. 
Well-being: a major challenge for companies

The quote to slip into an RPP dinner

“The way you deal with automation is by upgrading people's skills so they can get the jobs of the future.” John Delaney

"The way you manage automation is to improve people's skills so they can get the jobs of the future."


These are the words of John Delaney, a Florida lawyer, politician and president of the University of North Florida.

What this quote tells us is that automation is not just synonymous with massive job destruction. On the contrary, good management of automation enables your employees to assimilate all the necessary skills, and thus prepare themselves for the jobs of tomorrow.