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Samuel Dorven

25 mai, 2022

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👋 Hello everyone and welcome to our new subscribers, 

We're delighted to welcome you to the sixth edition of the SmartMyData newsletter. We look forward to seeing you every 15 days to keep you up to date with the latest news from the world of automation and RPA.

Issue no. 6 of our newsletter is devoted to teleworking, a real turning point in today's organizations. Indeed, since the covid crisis, more and more companies are offering their employees the opportunity to work from home for a few days a week, sometimes even full-time.

📰 SmartMyData news

Focus on the SmartMyData platform's normalization function.
Do you sometimes receive Excel files for which direct integration is not possible, because various corrections need to be made to the data?

The normalization function enables you to quickly normalize a dataset. Once the scenario has been defined, it is automatically applied to each new incoming file.

❤️ Sector news

According to a study carried out for Abbyy, process automation developed during the health crisis with specific objectives in mind. In fact, just under half of French companies have chosen to switch to an automation solution. 82% of these companies consider that they have successfully integrated automation into their organizations. Surprisingly, it's not for economic reasons that these new measures have been taken. Here are the top 3 motivations for organizations to switch to an automation solution.

🌎 RPA-based productivity tips for teleworking

Here's an article on how the accounting sector has adapted to telecommuting. In this article, Stéphane Hugot explains the benefits of telecommuting, but also the difficulties it can bring to organizations if poorly managed.  One of the main measures taken has been to eliminate low value-added tasks thanks to RPA.

Well-being at work

With the covid crisis, telecommuting has become increasingly popular in organizations. Today, 62% of working people say they would like to retain the option of teleworking (source: Les Echos). Telecommuting brings many benefits, including flexibility, time savings (forget rush-hour traffic jams) and employee satisfaction.

At SmartMyData we've opted for a 100% telecommuting organization, and we're completely satisfied.

The funny thing is that this was initially a forced choice. We were due to move in Q1 2020, right in the middle of the covid crisis. Given the unknowns at the time, we decided to postpone the move and start working from home.

Quite quickly, we realized that we actually performed better in this configuration! It has to be said that for small, mainly tech-based teams, there are more advantages than constraints: everyone can get organized easily, and we avoid the time-wasters typical of the company (meetingitis...).

We hold two team meetings a day via whereby. These are fairly short meetings, averaging 15 minutes, where everyone explains what they're working on and any difficulties they may be experiencing. The meetings enable us to make collective decisions and adapt the week's schedule as best we can.
Our internal mailbox is slack. It's used for our internal exchanges, but also for some of our customers who have a dedicated channel.
We try to see each other regularly, working at each other's sites.

The main drawback to telecommuting concerns the support of trainees, where face-to-face work is much more appropriate, at least at the beginning of the period.

If you have any questions about switching to telecommuting, don't hesitate to contact us for more detailed feedback. Here's what 5 other companies have to say about taking the plunge!