Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in just 2 minutes

Samuel Dorven

14 mars, 2022

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in just 2 minutes

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We're delighted to be able to keep you informed about the world of automation and RPA.
This newsletter will also be an opportunity to talk about well-being in the workplace. At SmartMyData, we see in every one of our customers how automating tasks takes the pressure off and frees up time for more interesting work.

📰 RPA news from SmartMyData

RPA and its little-known world :)

We're going to start evangelizing on the subject, especially as there aren't that many resources in French.
Our latest video, based on a real-life case study, explains the main principles of RPA and the areas in which it can be applied.

❤️ Our favorite RPA

For our favorite, we wanted to share with you the  OK:SII "RPA Robotic process automation” produced and directed by Sylvain Paturel with the complicity of Fanny Oyarsabal. In this podcast, you'll discover what RPA is; how to set up automation; with which tools and for what purpose; and finally some practical examples.

🌎 RPA sector news

We thought it would be interesting to share with you an infographic with figures taken from the Valoway website. This infographic demonstrates the importance of implementing an RPA strategy for your long, repetitive processes. It will enable you to make considerable progress both in production and in the quality and conformity of your processes.

Top 3 des raisons d'avoir recours à une stratégie RPA

😊 Well-being at work

"To all the companies offering "wellness allowances" to combat burnout:
Funding gym visits, vacations and healthy meals are band-aids, not cures.
If you really care about wellness, maybe you should stop overloading people with grueling work and subjecting them to abusive bosses."

A quote from Adam Grant that speaks volumes about managing well-being in the workplace. For the psychologist and author specializing in work and organizational psychology, well-being cannot be reduced to heavy workloads in return for some form of compensation. It must be reflected in the creation of working conditions that are comfortable and bearable for employees, starting with a lightening of their workload.

Citation Adam Grant

📣 La définition décalée

Data flou

Dataflou 🌫️ : A fact whose meaning is hard to understand.

Exemple : 362564BABYL 36MSECHCHEV6605

This real-life example, taken from a product description in a major retailer's ERP, is the perfect example of a Dataflou.

💡 Our recommendation: the application via the function module will enable you to recover its meaning and understand that this is in fact a Babyliss Hairdryer with a 36-month guarantee. It's much nicer to display it on the customer invoice (or in an analytics table).