Automate pdf extraction

Billing department

The BatiSanté group is a company that has specialized in all building compliance and safety processes for over 30 years in France.

The aim was to retrieve around a hundred items of information from internal documents to feed into an Excel spreadsheet. Each document required 30 minutes processing time per operator.

The solution

Recovering hundreds of pieces of information scattered throughout a document is difficult (if not impossible) for all OCR solutions, but it's no problem for our Pdf Collect module!

Once the data had been extracted, they were checked and normalized using the Function module.
The resulting Excel file was then rendered using a Datavisualization application.

Source data and workflow



Pdf collect

Return on investment

Significantly reduce time and costs, while minimizing the risks associated with human intervention.

3 minutes for 100 documents (compared with 50 hours previously).

Unit processing cost reduced from €18 to €0.5.

Reallocation of employees to more rewarding tasks

Reduced risks associated with human intervention

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