Automate accident declaration entry

Prevention department

A major player in the building and civil engineering sector uses Word templates for its accident declarations.

There are several declaration templates, which makes it difficult for operators to report them. What's more, some documents are scanned and are no longer available as Word documents, but as pdf files with images.

Modules used

From e-mail and its attachment to a dashboard

The solution

The SmartMyData platform was used to automatically retrieve all the information contained in the documents and render it in the form of a table. The challenge was to integrate all the numerous templates used by the teams in the field to produce their reports.

Source data and workflow



PDF collect

Return on investment

Automated data extraction, cleansing and normalization

Automatic extraction of all relevant accident declaration data

Information cleansing, standardization, control and consolidation

Data is available immediately, enabling the right decisions to be made

Dashboard creation using a Datavisualization solution

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