Automate web content collection

A company's customer service department receives several hundred e-mails a day, which its employees have to read in order to extract information such as the address and the nature of the intervention to be scheduled. Once this is understood, the e-mail is dispatched to the relevant department.

The creation of pre-tickets by operators is a time-consuming task. It takes a considerable amount of time, and the results are not necessarily reliable.

Modules utilisés

Du mail et de sa pièce jointe à un tableau de bord

The solution

The SmartMyData platform was used to automate the creation of pre-ticketed interventions from these e-mails, classifying them by theme. Addresses are extracted and standardized, enabling them to be compared with the site address directory in the customer's ERP system. This saves operators a great deal of time.

Source data and workflow



Document generator


Return on investment

Automated data extraction, cleansing and normalization to speed up pre-ticket construction

Automatic extraction of all important data from e-mails

Information cleansing, standardization, control and consolidation

Data are immediately available for building pre-tickets

Dashboard creation using a Datavisualization solution

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