SmartMyData platform pricing

Our subscription offers

Subscription provides dedicated storage space. This storage space is of the Data Lake type. It enables incoming data to be stored in its original format (documents, files, etc.), and is associated with a database enabling the data to be stored once processed.



Per month

The M package includes :

30 scenarios

3m bandwidth

200k hosted lines

5 log in

Email support

100 pages of documents included



Per month

The L package includes :

100 scenarios

10m bandwidth

1M hosted lines

50 log in

Chat support

Multi-environment management



Per month

The XL package includes :

Unlimited scenarios

30m bandwidth

5M hosted lines

300 log in

Premium support

Multi-environment management

White-label use

Buying credit

Credit purchases are ideal for carrying out one-off tasks that have no particular recurrence and require no information storage. Credit purchasing can also be used to test the automation of certain tasks before going into production.



of credits

The package per M credit includes

25k lines included

1K documents included



of credits

The L credit package includes

150k lines included

5K documents included



of credits

The XL credit package includes

1M lines included

30K documents included

A solution with many advantages

Pay-as-you-go pricing, unique modules and competitive lead times, all from a single platform!


Pricing is based primarily on data volume.

Data security

Integrated modules to prevent data from being exported to external applications

Time and cost

A nocode and low-code approach for development that's 4 times faster and less expensive

Unique modules

Data structuring, automation of complex workflows. Storage of all types of documents

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